By Leola Snider Perkins

There is a wonderful family
Who live on my street.
These neighbors of mine
Are so nice to meet.

I've known them for years,
Watched their "3" children grow.
Learned to love them all
As years come and go.

They are Jackie and Johnny
And David so nice,
These kids, as they grew,
Added spice to our life.

With Mark, my own little lad,
Stunts he and Johnny pulled
Sometimes turned out bad.

Like the fall through the ceiling.
I was so afraid
Johnny was hurt, but he got up
And a grin to me he made.

The years they are passing,
My step is slowing down.
I don't see them often
But know they are around.

Bobbie and Bill are my friends
And there's one thing I know -
If I needed their help
They would be ready to go.

Everyone isn't as lucky
As I seem to be.
I have dear, precious neighbors
All arond me.

If we live as God tells us
We will all try to be
Together much later
In Eternity.

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