The Last Mile
By Leola Perkins

This poem was distributed at Leola's funeral. It was read
by Mayor James Herring as part of his eulogy
Leola has now walked the last mile and
is secure in her Eternal Home

If the love of the Saviour shines forth in you
It reflects your life in the things that you do.
It's the gift that you give, be it ever so small,
It's serivce to others... your life lived for all.
As you go on your journey in this world God has made,
He gave us a pattern before us he laid.
So we use every minute with joy in our heart,
To love and serve Jesus we'll be a part
of that home in Heaven in the great after while.
He will welcome us there when we walk the last mile!

Mrs. Perkins published a book of poetry. A copy of the book is on display
at the White Settlement Historical Museum, 8320 Hanon Drive in White Settlement